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021-2050 1648
Keywords:API, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemical, Flavors And Fragrance
The production base is located in Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province. The company has multi-purpose plants and Dedicated Plants, which can meet different needs for the production of Dyestuff, Pigments, Flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and other Specialty. Trying Life provides the best services and product quality  to meet the needs of global customers .
With support  of the Tongji University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Organic Chemistry Institute ,by means of commission R&D and cooperative development or Independent Research and Development.By making full use of the talents and equipment in these famous universities, Technologies are converted to high quality products for global customers. With professionals, R&D center dedicates to product & process development, process improvement, sample preparation and solutions to problems in the production.

We promise for the most reliable quality levels. Our modern analytical equipment provide rapid and accurate testing for all starting materials, intermediates and products. In process control, analytical method establishment, verification and confirmation are also performed in our lab. Custom synthesis items are made and tested to the specification requested by our client.

Trying life will keep on investing to improve the E.S.H level to make our production equipment meet the standard of customer and government. 


Tying life Science has built up very good relationships with many buyers/suppliers from Europe, North-America, India, Japan, South Korea and the domestics. Growing customer base can be observed as a proof that our continuous efforts in improving product quality, customer and logistics services have been recognized by international customers. 

Trying Life has set up a good business relationship with customers from Europe, India, Japan, Korea and North America by now. We are still working on improving quality of product and service  and expected to  become the reliable cooperation partners of global customers.